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Mobile App Development
Google UX Certification Projects


I was the UX designer for this app from conception to delivery. The assignment for this project was to develop an app that would help a community.

Project Overview


The Product: NurtureNet app to provide families of children with disAbilities ease in organizing medication, appointments and information allowing more time to attend to their families’ needs.

Project Duration

UX Certification Project App  |  May 2023 - June 2023

The Problem: Families of children with disabilities have multiple conflicting priorities to balance with caring for their families. 


They need a way to get organized and keep important dates and information easily accessible.

The Goal: NurtureNet is a tool that will help families of children with disabilities. This app will provide ease of keeping up with appointments, and medication, as well as resources through networking with peers and specialists. 

Giving back more to parents to attend to the needs of their family

(Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Figma, and Adobe XD)


I conducted studies with a group of moms ranging from 20 to 60 years old. The user group depicts the majority of the target market.  This group needs to get to information quickly and easily without too much fuss. Allowing for time efficiency.

The group’s main concern is to get back to the needs of their family.

Pain Points

Time: Taking time to find all needed in the information necessary and still keep an eye on children

Child Care: Not every specialist knows how to handle special needs children. Easily access those that do

Disorganization: Difficulty keeping up with appointments, medication schedule

Recording Information: Provide a better way to have important info handy and quickly find and share information. No longer need to search files or in several places

Usability Study Findings

Conducted an unmoderated usability study of moms within the age group of 20 to 60 with five participants. The focus testing the flow of the app. As well as ease in finding a way around the app and completing adding appointments and medication. 

Round 1 Findings

1 - One of the users got hung up with navigating the “Appointment” and “Reminders” pages

2 - The user unable to expand a specialist page

3 - Most users, were very interested in the sharing feature (trends, account, medication and appointment schedules)


Impact: The app enables users to order their food in advance so they can avoid long lines and move on with their day.

What I learned: Although through the usability I was able to get good feedback on the colors - It is necessary to get someone that may be challenged with viewing colors as part of the participants. As well as running the checks for the color use early in the design process.

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