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Mobile App Development
Google UX Certification Projects


I was the UX designer for this app from conception to delivery. The Taco Truck Mobile App was developed from a prompt.


Project Overview


The Product: Tito’s Taco Truck app provides better customer service to our clientele.

Project Duration

UX Certification Project App  |  August 2022 - January 2023

The Problem: New Food Truck business must compete with other food options by distinguishing itself. The owners want to make sure that the app is refined to provide a seamless user experience for consumers looking to order food in advance through mobile apps. Currently, there are long lines and long waits to order food from a truck, using the app will help consumers have a better experience and want to come back.

The Goal: Taco Truck App will let users order food in advance which will affect Tito’s Taco Truck Business consumers by helping to avoid long lines/wait times. We will measure effectiveness by satisfaction surveys and the order process time.

(Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Figma)


I conducted moderated studies with five participants ranging from 18 to 60 years old. The user group depicts a good combination of college students and the working community which is the food truck’s target market. This group needs to quickly get their meal during a busy schedule.


The group’s main concern was having time to get a meal and still meet school, work, or home commitments.

Usability Study Findings

The focus testing the flow of the app. As well as ease of finding a way around the app and completing the order.

Round 1 Findings

1 - Several users got hung up with the “process” and “submit” order button label

2 - Users are unable to edit orders after submitting

3 - For most users, it’s not immediately clear where to find the profile

Round 2 Findings

1 - Users had an observation about the buttons, too many, need better labels, size

2 - Users wanted to see more details about the plates they are ordering

3 - Most users, were confused with the “Specials” image not moving


Impact: The app enables users to order their food in advance so they can avoid long lines and move on with their day.

What I learned: Although through the usability I was able to get good feedback on the colors - It is necessary to get someone that may be challenged with viewing colors as part of the participants. As well as running the checks for the color use early in the design process.

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