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U.S. Army MWR Credit Card Materials
U.S. Army 

Branding update of the NEW Army MWR Credit Card. Introduced a re-branded

U.S. Army MWR Card with the aim to create an emotional connection between the target

market and the brand. This connection differentiated our card from other Armed Services

messaging that used “Soldier” speak.

As lead designer, developed the concept in collaboration with Marketing Account

Manager and assisted with the implementation of initiative. The goal was to attract our

Army audience by pulling imagery that would resonate with this market.


Items: Credit card, Quick Start Guide for Marketers, 3D Rack card holder,
Folder, Window Decal, Flyer, Mouse pad, Digital Signage, Web Ads, Poster and

Truck wrap (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop)

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